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Our Leadership

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Our Leadership

Mr. Abhishek Gupta- Managing Director

Abhishek Gupta is the managing director of Plaza Power & Infrastructure Co. A third-generation entrepreneur, he completed his bachelor’s in Economics and Law from Lafayette College, the USA in 2013 following which he joined the company as a production intern. Over the years he worked closely with the accounting, purchase and sales departments and participated in numerous renewable energy exhibitions to learn the ropes of the business and get a better understanding of the renewable industry. With a deep love and passion for nature, he considers it his purpose in life to help rehabilitate the environment via green and sustainable sources of energy.

Our Leadership

Mr. Bhim Sain Gupta- Chairman Emeritus

A first generation entrepreneur, he founded the Plaza Cable Group Of Industries. He has been a pioneer of the cable industry of India. His philosophy of always providing quality and affordable products as well as building and maintaining transparent and long lasting business relationships has been instilled and deeply interwoven in the Plaza team, who follow it diligently.

Our Leadership

Mr. Sanjay Gupta- Chairman

He founded Plaza Power in 2011 and it is under his leadership and guidance that the company has grown and evolved into a reputed, multi-product organization. His principle of always placing the consumer first and making sure that the product is best suited and aligned to meet the consumer’s needs and solving their issues, is perhaps what’s best exemplified the company’s growth and success.